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Playstation E3 Experience
Join the Playstation E3 Experience 2018 in Theaters
Announced yesterday on the Playstation Blog, Sony is having the Playstation E3 Experience in theaters for the fifth year in row. With this event you can watch the Sony E3 conference in a theater for free. The Sony conference is ...
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Review: Disco Dodgeball Remix
Have you ever played dodgeball to the heavy kick of loud electronic music? A simple child’s game suddenly becomes a battlefield as natural selection separates the warriors from the weak. Add in neon rooms and robots, and you have Disco ...
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Maxi - Soulcalibur VI
Maxi Joins Soulcalibur VI’s Roster
Yet another playable character has joined the ever-growing roster of Soulcalibur VI characters. We’ve seen the iconic Nightmare and Siegfried alongside newcomers like Grøh. We’ve also seen the return of the staff-wielding Kilik and now, Maxi. Maxi has been in ...
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Fallout 76
Rumor: Fallout 76 Will Be an Online Survival RPG ?
Now we have to emphasize as with any unofficial information, take it with a big pinch of salt until we hear it straight from Bethesda’s mouth. Yesterday the world was introduced to Fallout 76 with a fancy new cinematic trailer ...
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Playstation Plus
XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion Headline PS Plus Games for June
So another month is upon us as well as a handful of free games from Playstation Plus. XCOM 2 is most likely leading the pack for most but there might be a few gems in the list depending on who ...
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Bethesda Officially Announces Fallout 76
After 24 hours of teasing and “#pleasestandby” trending on Twitter (which the TV test-card fans of the Fallout series will find familiar) and a bobblehead Fallout Boy puppet, Bethesda has lifted the vault door on it’s newest addition to the ...
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This Week in GTA Online: Madrazo Dispatch Services, New Vehicles
If you’re looking for some contract work and aren’t too picky about adhering to legal niceties, the wealthy and ruthless Martin Madrazo may have need of you this week in GTA Online. Madrazo Dispatch Services is an all-new set of ...
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Singapore PlayStation Store Leaks Mega Man 11 Info
Capcom’s Mega Man 11 may have had a potential leak from the PlayStation Store over in Singapore. Mega Man 11 has been set for release later this year, but no specific release date was announced. The rumor suggests that the ...
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Editorial: No, Women Are Not Ruining Your Games
This past week, EA and DICE announced the next installment in their critically acclaimed and commercially lucrative Battlefield franchise. Going back to World War II for the first time in several installments, the game also features female soldiers in prominent ...
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Someday You'll Return
A Creepy New Psychological Horror Game, Someday You’ll Return
Czech based developers CBE Software have been hard at work on what looks like a promising trek into the psychological horror genre. In Someday You’ll Return you play as Daniel, father to Stela, and it’s up to you to find ...
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Review: Killing Floor Incursion VR
Edtior’s Note: Today we welcome yet another new contributor to the review staff here at PSXE, Kurt Collins. A former staffer and huge VR fan, Kurt is a veteran writer who brings a lot of value and insight to ...
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OnRush Gets One More Trailer Before Release
If you’re a fan of arcade action racers, you may be in for a treat with the release of OnRush this June. Recently, Codemasters recently released a new trailer that provides some more info on the four game modes you ...
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