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Insomniac Delivers the Spider-Man Goods at SDCC 2018
Insomniac is really hitting it hard with the Spider-Man hype. Which makes sense since it’s a first party game. This time they gave us plenty to chew on at their Comic Con conference, showing off quite a few cool things ...
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Amazon Marketplace Sells Pirated Games
The Amazon Marketplace, a way for entrepreneurs to sell their product on Amazon’s platform, was under some scrutiny recently. As Amazon Prime Day comes to a close, it was discovered by internet sleuths that some deals were too good to ...
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1997 Revolution: Black Friday Coming to the PS4
iNK Stories’ title, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday, is coming to the PS4 on July 31. Set in 1979, put yourself in the shoes of Reza Shirazi, a photojournalist returning to Tehran during the revolution. Pick your path and see how ...
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No Man's Sky Next
No Man’s Sky Next Receives a Trailer and New Info
Hello Games has kept to their word in a way if this reveal is any indication. When they released No Man’s Sky back in 2016, the game may have been a little big for its own britches so to speak ...
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Nathan Fillion stars in Uncharted Live Action Fan Film
For many years fans of the Uncharted game series have voiced their opinions on who they’d like to see play the games main protagonist, Nathan Drake, should a live action movie ever come to fruition. Many names have been thrown ...
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Nolan North Voicing Cayde-6 in Destiny 2: Forsaken
At E3 2018, fans of Destiny 2 were left in shock as fan favourite Cayde-6 was left looking severely broken up before being killed off in the trailer for the upcoming Forsaken expansion. One could argue the popularity of the ...
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Playstation Announces Top Downloads for June
The top downloads on the PlayStation Store for June were announced and, as expected, GTA V is the top game sold on the PS4. FIFA 18, God of War, and The Last of Us Remastered top the PS4 charts as ...
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Review: Vampyr
It’s been a while since a solid game based on vampires has graced our screens. Developers Dontnod does just that and quite well. Vampyr is dirty, gloomy, and dark in all the best ways. It has a great setting and ...
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Subnautica is Coming to the PS4
Underwater survival game, Subnautica, will be released on the PS4 later this year. Panic Button is the developer of the PS4 port. Put yourself in the shoes of the survivor of a crashed spaceship. Travel the world that is made ...
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Chasm is Coming to the PS4 and Vita
Bit Kid’s upcoming RPG-adventure game, Chasm, will be released this month on both the PS4 and Vita. The game developers have never held any secrets through the years of its development. Since their 2013 post, people have known this game ...
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Darksiders III
Darksiders III Release Date, Editions, and More Announced
The folks over at THQ Nordic have been busy working on Darksiders III. It’s been quite some time since we’ve heard any news about the third entry into the Darksiders series. In fact, the last time there was any real ...
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Playstation Store
Sony is Having a Massive Mid-Year Sale
As if our wallets weren’t taking a big enough hit this year, Sony is currently giving our money even more reason to quickly disappear. There is a huge mid-year sale going on now at the Playstation store. You can get ...
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