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God of War
10 Reasons God of War Will be Totally Epic
The long awaited release of God of War is right around the corner. It looks to be an epic adventure that has a fresh new take on the old formula. There are quite a few difference this go around and ...
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Octahedron Review
Back in 2016, Square Enix launched a new branch aimed at working with indie developers on upcoming titles. Known as the Square Enix Collective, the goal was to help talented, underexposed studios make a name for themselves by working with ...
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Burnout Paradise Remastered Review
There are several Great Debates in modern pop culture that will never end because there is no possible definitive answer. Star Wars or Star Trek? Batman or Superman? Ferrari or Porsche? Somewhat less ubiquitous but just as fiercely debated: Burnout ...
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Surviving Mars Review
Event Log, International Mars Mission Today marks an historic moment, as humanity is finally ready to sail the stars and plant our feet firmly on other worlds. This log will hopefully serve as an official record of humankind’s greatest journey, ...
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Monster Hunter World Dante
Dante of Devil May Cry Will Join Monster Hunter
Since its release in January, Monster Hunter has wasted no time in adding crossovers from other games. Earlier this month players were able to gather items to create an outfit that turned your character into Aloy from Horizon. You could ...
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