How to Edit Gameplay Videos on PS5

Gameplay recordings are among the most popular videos on YouTube, let alone some other websites, like Twitch, where gameplay broadcasting and posting gameplay recordings is the essence of the entire platform. As such, gamers are highly motivated to make their

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Classic Games You Should Rediscover in 2021

The modern gaming market has moved forward rapidly in recent years, with new consoles ushering in the era of achievable 4K gaming, as well as 120fps modes, ray tracing and all sorts of other bells and whistles. However, retro gaming

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Gamers Pick – Top Gaming Gadgets You Should Own

Gaming is big. It’s the biggest entertainment medium in the world, surpassing both music and film by a rather significant margin, and it’s only going to keep growing in size. And with its popularity, comes competition. Esports, specifically. The pros

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Five PlayStation Now Games You Should Play

PS Now is essentially PlayStation’s version of Game Pass, but with a significantly larger catalogue of games. With over 800 games spanning three PlayStation console generations, finding something new to play could be a bit overwhelming. So we figured we’d

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