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Bluepoint Games Is Still Working On Original IP

PlayStation-owned Bluepoint Games, which has mostly served as a remake and support studio working with mostly Sony since the early days is still working on a new game. This new game wasn’t going to be a remake or remaster, but rather a completely new IP.

On X, head of technology Peter Dalton has expressed that it’s still working on and that “everything takes time” and that the team is “committed to sharpening” their skills.

This was spurred on three years since PlayStation officially tied the knot with Bluepoint. Despite promising that its next project would be original, according to IGN, we’ve still heard nothing about this new IP. Of course, he’s not wrong; game development takes time and with a lot of eyes on you, you’ll want something to stand out.

What do you think? Are you excited about what Bluepoint has cooking? Let us know below!

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