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PS5 Sales Surge In European Countries, Xbox Not So Much

European game sales are at a slight decline, with a 4% drop compared to this Q1 in 2022, but PS5 sales are still going rather strong.

According to recent GSD data (via, console hardware sales, in general, have been on the rise in select European countries, including Italy, Spain, Denmark, France, and more. With 2023 lacking that critical shortage Sony faced since 2020, it should come as no surprise that PS5 sales are up five times the previous year.

The PS5 is special, though, as other hardware see a small decline, including the Switch, which saw a 10% decline, and the Xbox Series X|S slapped with a 13% decline.

So, in the end, the PS5 is leading the European market with a staggering 369% year-on-year sales rise, while Nintendo’s hybrid console takes second place, leaving Xbox in the dust. This shouldn’t come as any surprise, on multiple occasions, the white-clad console proved itself more favored by people. It outsold the Switch in the US and Japan, beat Xbox as the UK’s primary console, and was dubbed the fastest-selling console in US history.

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