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PlayStation Beats Xbox As UK’s Primary Console, Survey Finds

Between the two major competitors, owners of the current-gen and even last-gen consoles are more likely to use their PlayStation as their primary system in the UK. This stayed consistent from last year’s survey, though the PS4 took the lead as opposed to the — at the time — still kind of hard-to-get PS5.

Conducted by Ampere Games, the survey exclusively showed data from the UK with ages ranging from 13 to 64. The exact participant pool number is unknown, but the survey maker often conducts these sorts of surveys with 50K or more respondents.

The standard PS5 marks at a staggering 71% while second place is taken by the PS4 at 54%. There is a large divide between the Xbox Series X and the comparable, standard PS5 with the Series X only making up 48%.

While the PS5 being marked highly is more of a sign of it being a new console, what can’t be directly answered is the reason behind the gap between the primary systems. It’s largely possible that more people have an affinity toward the PlayStation line of consoles as more exclusives roll in while Xbox continues to struggle at making truly memorable exclusive experiences. It even briefly outsold the Switch over in Japan back in November.

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