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PlayStation Isn’t Done With Acquisitions

PlayStation’s recent business brief highlighted some key things, one such point being the initial market reaction of PlayStation Plus’ new tier system, which went live in Asia (except Japan). Another big point, though, is its intention to keep acquiring and investing in companies that it believes will aid them in game development (via VGC).

While PlayStation is certainly beefing up its PlayStation Studios family, having not only the first-party studios we’re all used to like Insomniac Games and Naughty Dog, they also recently swiped studios like Housemarque, Firesprite, and Valkyrie Entertainment alongside studios they’re still in talks to acquire like Bungie and Haven Studios.

On top of acquisitions, Sony’s been decently active in investing in other companies to help themselves grow even further. Discord, Devolver Digital, and AccelByte are all platforms Sony’s invested in.

“In terms of future M&A activity, the answer to that is we are not at all finished with our strategy of trying to grow PlayStation Studios inorganically. As we transition from our historic game development strategy to a much broader and much wider market reach than we enjoy today, it is very likely that inorganic stimulus will be required to help us to realise these dreams.”

“And to the extent that potential targets fit with our strategy, to the extent that potential targets allow us to accelerate the way in which we are able to deliver on our strategy, we will certainly consider farther M&A activity to add to our business portfolio.”

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