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New World Interactive Is The Latest Embracer Casualty

An undisclosed number of New World Interactive employees are the latest casualty of Embracer Group’s devastating ongoing restructuring. There is a silver lining though.

Eurogamer reports that the Insurgency: Sandstorm developer saw a bout of layoffs following Second Wind’s NIck Calandra alleging that the studio is poised to shut down on Twitter. While the company’s statement made no mention of any sort of closure, a spokesperson assured the outlet that development of the in-development game will continue alongside “unannounced future projects.”

Speaking to Eurogamer, it was also revealed that Saber Interactive is working on filling open roles at its studio with those affected from the New World layoffs. So, at least it’s a little easier for some to find new work.

To be clear, though, this is the same studio that’s shuttered Voltion, potentially selling Gearbox, slashing jobs at Crystal Dynamics, eyeing shutting down Free Radical, and a lot of other layoffs totaling over 900 jobs and counting.

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