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Volition, Saints Row, Red Faction, Deep SIlver

Saints Row, Red Faction Lives On, Says Deep Silver

Former parent company Deep Silver has assured fans fans that Saints Row and Red Faction will live on. In case you haven’t heard, developer Volition closed up shop recently.

Following a heartfelt message on X, Deep Silver joined the chat to pay respects and reveal that the IPs will live on over on PLAION, so the franchise is not completely dead in the water.

That said, PLAION is a part of Embracer Group, which, considering it’s undergoing serious restructuring due to financial struggles brought on by a massive shopping spree, it will probably be a while before we see a new entry to the niche hit Red Faction or a new entry to Saints Row, considering the middling reception of last year’s reboot.

What do you think? Are you happy that these long-running franchises will live on, even if it’s not with Volition at the helm? Let us know below!

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