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Deviation Games

Deviation Games Closes Its Doors

Spearheaded by two ex-Call of Duty developers in 2020, Deviation Games hadn’t even released its debut title before closing its doors. The writing was on the wall, to be fair.

Chief HR and operations officer, Kriste Stull, took to LinkedIn to share the disheartening news. Since partnering with Sony back in 2021, with the promise of full financial security and over 100 staffers at the time, and was working on a PlayStation exclusive shooter. On top of the large hiring pool, there was that whole PlayStation layoff thing that could’ve easily played a part in the studio’s sudden closure.

Back in September 2022, though, co-founder, Jason Blundell, left the studio, which understandably raised red flags in the minds of fans.

What do you think? Did you expect the studio to go belly? Let us know below!

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