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Deviation Games

Deviation Games’ “Groundbreaking AAA New IP” Starts Production Next Year

The year is drawing to a close in a few short days and Deviation Games, a new studio comprised of ex-Treyarch developers, gave an update to its community concerning its “groundbreaking AAA new IP.” As it stands right now, the long-going project is finally set to head into production after a 12-18 months ensnared in “foundational work” and other pre-production details. 

According to Deviation Games CCO, Jason Blundell, a lot of pre-production was mandatory for this IP.

“Thinking about your platform. Thinking about your key hooks of your game. Building your narrative. Building your tech innovations, right. What are you doing to set the industry on fire? What are you doing to get people excited? What are you doing differently?”

As production is only just now kicking off, very little is known about the game itself. It will hopefully be a great time, considering Deviation is partnered with PlayStation Studios with respects to this individual project.

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