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900 PlayStation Staffers Laid Off

By now you’ve probably heard all about layoffs in the gaming industry, thousands upon thousands of employees across massive studios and small time indie teams have run rampant. Sony — particularly PlayStation — has now laid off hundreds of staff.

In a blog post penned by Jim Ryan, Sony has revealed it’s cut 8% of its PlayStation workforce, which equates to 900 people. The layoffs effected all regions and across several PlayStation Studios, including reductions at Firesprite.

It should be noted, Sony isn’t a stranger to laying off employees these last few years, first-party studios like Naughty Dog, Visual Arts, and most notably Bungie, have faced sizable layoffs, but this one hits different as this time around, an entire studio was shuttered with the proper closure of London Studio.

What do you think? Is this disheartening news to you? Let us know below!

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