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Sony Reportedly Staffs Up New Studio

Something big’s happening over at Sony, as multiple former Deviation Games employees have started work on a new project for the Japanese giant. Interestingly, it doesn’t specify a studio, so many are expecting this to be a brand-new development studio under the PlayStation Studios umbrella.

Zuby_Tech on Twitter (via Insider Gaming) spotted a slew of former Deviation staff updating their LinkedIn profiles to reflect this new unannounced project. Frankly, we don’t have a clue what kind of game could be in the works, but it’s still likely a ways away from any sort of reveal. Per the dates on the profiles, the staff has only worked on the game since around June, which is certainly not enough time to put any sort of tangible trailer or showcase together.

What do you think? What are you hoping comes of this new studio? Let us know below!

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