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Dead By Daylight Reveals Alan Wake DLC

Behaviour Interactive’s Dead by Daylight is about to welcome Alan Wake among its extended cast of Survivors. It even features the voice actor reprising his role.

A trailer on YouTube was released revealing the new survivor, alongside giving fans a canon explanation about how he ended up in the universe. It’s worth noting it isn’t clear if this was official or just a nod to its style. Whatever the case may be, we shouldn’t be all that surprised that Alan’s stepping in.

Dead by Daylight enjoys a long cast of horror icons ranging from legacy horror monsters like Alien to icons like Chucky, Freddy Kreuger, Pyramid Head, and a laundry list others, including collabs with shows and other IPs like Saw and Stranger Things.

What do you think? Does Alan Wake hitting DBD on January 30 make you want to pick it up again? Let us know below!

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