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“Vita 2” Supposedly In The Works

A report has surfaced that points to the possible return to the handheld market for Sony, though of course, we have our doubts. Since the poor sales of the discontinued Vita, and no more games coming out for the system, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese tech giant has some… restraint when it comes to entering the market again.

Hardware insider and leaker Moore’s Law is Dead alleges in a YouTube video that the device will boast a custom AMD APU that hasn’t been fully greenlit yet, will be part of the PlayStation 6 family, and is in early development, meaning if true, we’d likely not hear anything about it for some time, even barring the alleged PS6 part.

Unfortunately, PSX Extreme is unable to verify these claims, so we’ll take it with a grain of salt. That said, with the weirdly strong performance of the Remote Play PlayStation Portal device, we wouldn’t be too shocked if Sony might consider reentering the market and giving it one more go.

If it does line up to be true then we’re sure Jack Tretton would be happy.

What do you think? Do you hope for a new Vita? Let us know below!

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