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Sony Will Be More “Measured” In Future Acquisitions

Sony is promising its shareholders that it will be more measured going forward when it comes to acquisitions and investments. This comes after 52 billion yen is expected to be incurred following the Bungie acquisition.

Sealed within its recent financial results, CFO and interim CEO Hiroki Totoki revealed that while it won’t stop looking into potential IP acquisitions and mergers, it does have a budget set aside for the next three years. As it stands, though, it plans on being more selective, though, we’ve heard it before.

Bungie is is the most recent high-profile acquisition that Sony underwent, with some even claiming that the Japanese console maker overpaid for the studio.

“We will continue to work toward mid-to-long-term growth of our business through such means as acquisition of IP and M&A, but we intend to emphasize investment efficiency and be more selective in the strategic arena…”

What do you think? Will Sony keep its word and be more measured with its decisions on acquisitions and investments? Let us know below! 

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