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Sony Closes Bungie Deal

Sony has revealed that the deal between them and Bungie has closed, according to a post on PlayStation’s LinkedIn, meaning the Washington-based studio can be calked up to Sony’s ever-growing list of acquisitions. 

This news isn’t new, though. In early February, Sony revealed this big news. On the toes of Microsoft swiping up Call of Duty developer, Activision, the Japanese tech company was in the works to acquire its own new studio in the form of Bungie. While details were a bit hazy, fans were assured that stuff like Destiny 2 will remain a multi-platform venture and the studio itself will remain entirely independent and will continue to make games “where our community is, wherever they choose to play.”

This acquisition in large part appears like Sony trying to catch up with its competition in a way. Bungie will be there both as a multi-platform dev to ensure Sony improves on cross-play, something that they often overlook with PlayStation games, and as aid for their live-service titles, something that once again Sony’s lagging behind on.

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