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Hideaki Nishino And Hermen Hulst Succeed Jim Ryan

Sony has named its CEO and unlike during Jim Ryan’s tenure at the Japanese tech maker, it appears it’s been split into two positions with Hideaki Nishino and Hermen Hulst taking the reigns. The former CEO exited the position back in March.

Hulst will be in charge of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Studio Business Group while Nishino takes control of its Platform Business Group. The announcement was made with interim CEO Hiroki Totoki taking the mantel as a chairman of SIE while keeping his current positions within Sony as a whole, with the co-CEOs reporting to him.

Hulst, in particular, felt like a no-brainer, considering the waves he’s made for Sony, not just being the figurehead for PlayStation Studios, but also branching the IPs out into other media, such as The Last of Us TV show via PlayStation Productions.

Nishino already had a spot in PlayStation as its senior VP of the Platform Experience Group, with his new role, he’ll continue being part of the “products, services, and platform experience,” but also adding onto his plate “third-party publisher and developer relations and commercial operations.”

What do you think? Do you approve of the new CEOs? Let us know below!

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