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Sony Fixes Built-In PS Vita PlayStation Store Issue

Users were having issues with the built-in PlayStation Store on the PS Vita until Sony promptly fixed it.

After almost being left to the wind, the PlayStation Vita continues to be a cult console that fans aren’t letting Sony scrub away. It’s been a while since the console’s been manufactured and as early as last year, Sony tried to pull the plug on the its legacy consoles’ storefronts.

While Sony did snub the PSP store, they backed off from the PS Vita for now, but did stop accepting new games and has restricted payment methods. Just yesterday people have been reporting issues with its library of games. In this case, some people weren’t even able to buy games, prompted with “This content may not yet be for sale or is no longer for sale.”

Users were still able to redownload games or access other parts of the PlayStation Store. This seemed like something that would get low-priority on PlayStation’s to-do list, but surprisingly, not long after reports began finding their way to social media, Sony stepped in and fixed the issue.

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