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Shoddy New PlayStation Portable Rumor Surfaces

It’s no secret that fans are clambering for a more portable way to enjoy their favorite PlayStation games, well a new rumor has surfaced claiming people will be able to do just that. Earlier this year, it was also alleged that a new Vita was in the works.

On X, YouTube content creator TCMF alleges more info on this supposed new system. It’s also supposedly going to be able to play PS5 games through updates imilar to the Steam Deck.

Obviously, Sony is probably not going to actually do this — it’s been long-established that it’s left the mobile console market behind with the sad failure of the PlayStation Vita. With the bizarre success of the PlayStation Portal, though, it isn’t impossible for Sony to reconsider jumping into the mobile market again.

We just don’t expect it any time soon, nor will we anticipate this rumor to have any validity, considering how often these sorts of “leaks” surface.

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