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PSVR 2 Production Allegedly Paused

Word on the street is low sales has led to Sony putting a pause on PSVR 2 production until it can clear more of its current stock of “well over” two million. While it has proven successful to VR enthusiasts, the standard consumers aren’t biting.

The console has been long ensnared in failing to meet sales expectations since the very beginning. Per Bloomberg, the console maker is pausing new units being manufactured until its current stock is less. It’s interesting, though, as the original PSVR was also near DOA and ended up rather loved later down the line.

We can’t say for sure if the same will be said for this $550 peripheral, but we can hope, for the sake of those who actually want to see the VR space on PlayStation succeed. Considering Sony hasn’t given us much hope in terms of new VR-compatible games from first-party studios, we can kind of get a clue that it would be up to third-parties to keep it alive.

Have you swooped up a PSVR 2 yet or are you waiting for some sort of sale? Let us know below!

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