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Former Superhot VR Devs Launching Toy Trains Next Year

Something Random, a brand-new studio founded by former Superhot VR devs, is eyeing a mid-January release for its new game, Toy Trains.

Per the PlayStation Blog, it’s a game taking place on a miniature railway where you build the track, and it’s all about “making connections,” according to project lead Marcin Jóźwik. The game itself is rather starkly different than Superhot. Swapping the sleek yet barren white and red color palette to a vibrant toy-like vibe isn’t something you would expect these devs to change to, but here we are.

Toy Trains promises simple gameplay, puzzles with multiple creative means to solve them, and a “cozy, nostalgic presentation” that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The post capped off by explaining why the team deviated from its shooter origins, simply noting that the team wanted to challenge themselves and making something so starkly different is the answer rather than making shooters its entire life.

Whatever the case, we can experience the game when it launches on January 16, 2024.

What do you think? Does Toy Trains look like a PSVR 2 game that you’d like? Let us know below.

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