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PS5 sales

PS5 Sales “Expanded Significantly” Compared To Xbox

As PS5 sales continue to soar, with the shortage now a memory, it seems it’s the top-dog in the console market.

During the third quarter of FY 2022, Sony CFO, Hiroki Totoki, revealed that PS5 sales in the United States “expanded significantly” in comparison to its US counterpart, Xbox. The livestreamed conference was hosted yesterday, according to Genki_JPN, who translated the CFO’s statement, over on Twitter.

There was even a touch of shade thrown as Totoki mentioned how the company was initially worried about Xbox catching up, but these new numbers have done a great deal at putting their minds at ease. That said, Sony plans to monitor the situation as they enter the fourth quarter.

This news should come as no surprise as Sony’s flagship console fostered a net-positive back in October, marking itself as the best-selling console in the US. It was also the fast-selling console in US history back in 2021. Heck, it even managed to briefly outsell the Switch in Japan and in the US.

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