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PS5, PC Dreams Is No Longer In The Works

Media Molecule has stopped production of the PS5 and PC ports of its flagship Dreams title following the mass layoffs. No word from the studio, so take this with a slight grain of salt.

Hacker and dataminer Lance McDonald claimed during a livestream (via WCCFTech) that a source who was testing the game was informed it was no longer in production due to the layoffs. This port would’ve provided players on the current-gen console — and PC — a native experience playing the uniquely — albeit ended — PlayStation exclusive. It would’ve also come packaged with Ray Tracing and mouse and keyboard support on the PS5.

Even more bitter is the fact the ports were basically finished by the time they were canceled. We can’t help but echo WCCF’s take, which is not taking the dive into releasing a PC version would mark a bad decision on Sony’s part, the game would work wonderfully with the slew of people happy to dive in and develop mods for it.

What do you think? Is it a missed opportunity to not release the game to current-gen hardware and PC? Let us know below!

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