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Petition Wants Sony To Axe Multiplayer Trophies From Platinum

A petition is making the rounds — because we all know how successful those can be — urging PlayStation to axe the multiplayer trophies in order to earn Platinum.

Games that feature multiplayer trophies are always a ticking timebomb as you never actually know when the servers will shut down, making earning Platinum impossible. Outside of that reason, though, the petition (via PSLS) argues that it’s unethical as Sony effectively blocks Plat status behind a paywall. Much like other consoles, you need to pay for some sort of PlayStation Plus subscription in order to play with friends.

The petition is mostly targeting games that only tack on multiplayer for no reason, games like Call of Duty or Battlefield are — for the most part — best enjoyed with friends online, but games like Uncharted or The Last of Us just cobbled together a multiplayer mode. Uncharted 1 and 2’s PS3 multiplayer servers shuttered in recent years.

There’s a commendableness to the petition wanting to see PlayStation axing multiplayer trophies, especially since odds are the petition — like many others — will fall on deaf ears, if it even reaches the ears at all. At least they aren’t calling for the culling of multiplayer trophies, only wanting them to be in a “parallel way” so if servers shutter you can still earn that highest-honor trophy.

The biggest argument we could think of would be games like Gotham Knights, which can be played either way, while it may be more fun with friends, it doesn’t take away anything by playing it alone, you go through the same story beats.

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