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Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog’s Next Game Is “Really Ambitious”

Naughty Dog’s next game is being touted as “really ambitious” by co-president Neil Druckmann. Question is, will be as ambitious as the now-canceled The Last of Us Online?

Speaking during the Logically Speaking Podcast, Druckmann explained that parts of it were “really hard” to make and name-dropped Kurt Margenau as part of the game’s development and growth. Particularly how he gave an “impassioned pitch.” It isn’t clear what this “next game” will be, as in the end The Last of Part 3 is still a ways away, and the developer previously noted it’s working on a number of different single-player titles.

Perhaps this new ambitious project is part of The Last of Us director’s plan on moving away from such high-profile roles and maybe — just maybe — it’ll take pages from Elden Ring‘s book

“Working on this new game, and it’s really ambitious, parts of it are really hard. But I’ve really kind of surrendered to knowing it’s going to be really hard, knowing stress members of the team out. Like how do I make this a joyous experience for myself and everybody else on the team? And there’s moments where, like- Kurt Margenau recently did something on this new game, and really stepped up, and gave this impassioned pitch, and I was so proud. Just seeing other people rise to the occasion and surprise me in these really beautiful ways, these days I get a joy out of that. Helping mentor people and seeing them express themselves through art.”

What do you think? What game do you hope Naughty Dog is working on? Let us know below!

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1 month ago

The Last Of Us 3

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