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Naughty Dog

Druckmann May Not Have Many AAA Games Left

Naughty Dog co-studio head Neil Druckmann eyes “low-key” and less stressful positions as he mulls over how he has limited AAA games left in him.

Speaking during the Logically Speaking Podcast, the 45-year-old industry vet explained that it’s incredibly stressful to be in his position, managing tons of people and studios across the globe. He also longs to spend more time with his family, which he obviously doesn’t have as much to spend with at this time.

He mulls over what the end game is and when it’s time to call it quits. He then caps it off noting that he’s thought about “many more of these games” he has left, noting it to be “not that many.” Overall, we know Druckmann’s got the next entry in The Last of Us somewhere in the early stages, but outside of that, Naughty Dog’s library is up for debate, and his involvement in future projects may end up put into question.

What do you think? What swan song game would you like to see made under Druckmann’s leadership? Let us know below!

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