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Destiny 3 Won’t Be A Revamp Of Destiny 2

Rumor on the street is Destiny 3 is gonna be its own thing amid the obvious concerns that it will be more of a reboot than anything. Word spread of a new entry in Bungie’s live service shooter earlier this month.

Codenamed Payback, the leaker asserted on Reddit that this is “not a big DLC” nor a “revamp of Destiny 2.” It’s been in the pipeline since sometime in 2022, but obviously, Bungie was keeping stuff coming for fans with The Witch Queen and all that.

On top of Destiny 2, we also have Marathon, another live service multi-plat game from Bungie that keeps a lot of similarities to current projects from the developer. The leaker was quick clarify that this is based on their most recent info, most of which comes from former employees, so stuff could’ve changed since the staff was pushed out the door.

It’s all too possible The Final Shape will determine the future of not just Destiny 3 but also potentially Bungie as a whole, as the studio didn’t just undergo its own brutal layoffs, but it was also part of the massive 900-employee layoffs PlayStation underwent.

What do you think? Are you interested to see what Bungie has cooking? Let us know below!

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