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Destiny 3 May Be In Development

It appears like Bungie might be looking to start anew, with Destiny 3 reportedly in development… maybe. It’s supposedly known internally as Payback

Over on Reddit, user 32638272187 leaked the Prismatic subclass system ahead of Destiny 2’s DLC, The Final Shape. Interestingly, the lesser noticed leak of note was that Destiny 3 is (or at least was) in development and that was the basis of the Prismatic subclass.

Supposedly, if it is in development, Destiny 3 would omit the class system entirely and let players spec into abilities as they please.

Now, it’s worth pointing out, the leaker isn’t completely sure on if it is still in development, as they’ve only talked with former employees and with the layoffs it faced late last year and massive layoff spree PlayStation had recently, things could’ve changed. It’s also wroth noting that Bungie has been public that it isn’t interested in a third entry in the Destiny franchise.

What do you think? What changes need to be made to warrant a third entry? Let us know below!

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