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Bungie Staffers Call Atmosphere “Soul-Crushing” Amid Layoffs

Current and former staffers have taken to calling the atmosphere at the Destiny 2 dev, Bungie, “soul-crushing” amid the widespread layoffs that took place last month. The layoffs led to a lot of uproar, especially lobbed at its CEO who not only spearheaded the layoffs but also called it a “sad day” on social media.

Multiple current and former staff at the dev spoke with IGN about The Final Shape and how they feel scared of it underperforming, which will no doubt lead to more layoffs. Currently, the board of directors is split between both Bungie execs and PlayStation higher-ups, with Bungie CEO Pete Parsons acting mainly as the studio’s tiebreaker in votes.

Allegedly, a post-layoff Q&A occurred where one staffer asked if executive salary cuts were considered as opposed to slashing jobs, only to be told Bungie wasn’t that type of company. Among the staffers laid off, included beloved members of the team, including leads of some of its DE&I clubs like Women@Bungie and Pride@Bungie.

Capping it off, one person hit the nail on the head — Bungie has lost trust and those still at the company are definitely feeling that ‘us vs them’ mindset between regular workers and leadership. It’s hard to say how well The Final Shape will do and this culling of staff isn’t doing Bungie any favors, either.

What do you think? Do you even care about Destiny 2 anymore or have you grown out of it? Let us know below!

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