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Bungie Acknowledges Recent Layoffs

“This has been one of the most difficult weeks in our studio’s history,” is the start of Bungie’s statement, which gives fans the lowdown on what’s happening following the recent large-scale layoffs that the first-party studio faced at the very tail-end of October.

On the Bungie blog, the dev team writes about how it’s “lost a lot trust” from the community, as it hasn’t wowed the community in a hot minute. It name drops some of the well-known DLC, like The Witch Queen, as its golden standard, but it wants to exceed expectations with its upcoming DLC, The Final Shape.

Now, this is mostly just PR jargon, considering it was Bungie management that gave the greenlight to can around 100 employees due to poor Destiny 2 performance, but hey, it’s nice to even see a paragraph noting that the firings happened. Now, it just needs to encourage Pete Parsons not to give glowing respect to former employees right after canning them.

“This has been one of the most difficult weeks in our studio’s history, as we’ve parted ways with people we respect and admire. We’ve spent this week supporting one another, including those who are at the studio, as well as friends and colleagues who no longer are.”

What do you think? Are you still interested in what The Final Shape has to offer? Let us know below!

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