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CEO Echos “Sad Day” Following Bungie Layoffs

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons is echoing what many employees are decrying following harsh layoffs at the studio, calling it a “sad day.” Just yesterday, we caught wind of some pretty significant layoffs occurring at the PlayStation multiplat studio.

Parsons shared on Twitter his own opinion, saying goodbye to “colleagues who have all made a significant impact on our studio.” Some aren’t too keen on the statement, as it just feels tone deaf. Others still call it out as tone deaf, but also point the blame at retiring Sony CEO Jim Ryan.

Regardless of how you feel, Parsons advocates for any studio looking for talent to hit up former Bungie peeps affected by the recent layoffs as they are ” truly talented people.”

What do you think? Do you actually believe this is coming from a place of honesty or is it just trying to save face? Let us know below!

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