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Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 Still Releasing In 2023

Despite public updates and teasers lacking since late last year, Alan Wake 2 is still on track to release this year as planned. This isn’t totally out of left field, Remedy Entertainment warned people that they’d be “going dark” back in 2021 as they continue developing the next entry.

The news comes from Remedy’s blog, which among giving fans quick notes about its current projects, also shared its new logo. The last time we heard about Alan Wake 2’s progress was that it’s playable from start to finish. Before that, they backed out of showcasing more of the game, not wanting to pull talent away from the official product.

Remedy is also working on a few other games, including Control 2, a PvE shooter codenamed Condor, and remasters of its legacy series, Max Payne. None of the other games have release windows outside of releasing in the “coming years.”

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