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Stray Delayed Again, But Not Too Much More

Announced clear back in June 2020 during The Future of Gaming event, which also led to the PS5 design reveal, Stray picked up plenty of attention by showing off the ability to play as a stray cat in a cyberpunk world. The game looked great on the PS5 gameplay and had our feline hero making their way through complex environments and interacting with human like robots.

Stray had an initial release date of 2021 but was delayed until Spring 2022. Thankfully they gave us another look at the game and, frankly, it looks like the wait may be worth it. Unfortunately, it has been delayed once more. The good news is that it isn’t for very long. This time it’s only been delayed until Summer of 2022. Again, no concrete date yet but it looks like they might be getting closer to finishing up.

The announcement wasn’t really an announcement at all but quietly tucked into a PlayStation tweet alongside a couple other games.

It should be worth it though. Just a year seemed to make a big difference. The footage from 2021 was much more polished and gave us a better idea of the gameplay. A few months shouldn’t be too long. Hopefully, being a cat is just as satisfying as it looks.


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