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Returnal Dev Hopes PS Plus Subscribers Will “Dare” To Play

PlayStation-owned Housemarque is hopeful that Returnal coming to PlayStation Plus will kick those on the fence to give it a shot and reach a wider audience. Of course many peoples’ issue with the game wasn’t the game itself, but more its price tag of a used-to-be-uncommon $69.99.

During a convo with Eurogamer after their big win at the BAFTA Games Awards, they took a chance to talk about the upcoming tiered system that PlayStation’s ready to implement into PS Plus later this year. Part of the appeal to the higher tiers is access to free games in a larger capacity than the the original plan, one such game that’s going to be there around launch is Returnal.

“As you know, it’s been a while since the release. And we know the people who get into [subscriptions] play a lot. There’s no hidden cost, if you like, it’s easy to get into.”

He then discussed Sony funding the development of the title.

“Sony does [make] some wise decisions, like funding this game. They started to fund this game five years ago, they took a leap of faith.”

As to how Returnal altered the types of games they seek to make and the DNA of their studio, it sounds like the rougelike is going to remain part of future endeavors.

“I mean, gameplay always comes first. So we always want the gameplay and the systems focus to be in the forefront. Obviously, we want to have an even better marriage between the two moving ahead.”

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