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State of Play

New State Of Play Slated Tomorrow

Remember that State of Play rumor back in January that we dismissed? Well, a kernel of truth was found in the rumor as Sony announced Tuesday that a new event is coming later this week.

As expected, the event, according to the PlayStation Blog, will feature some — PS Europe counts five on Twitter — games hitting the PSVR 2 after its launch today from Sony’s “partners.” It isn’t clear if they’re talking about games made officially under the PlayStations family like Firesprite, Guerrilla Games, and Haven Studios or if it could extend to studios like the recently acquired Ballistic Moon. The event will also see an extended look at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Not much is known about the game, but we do know that Rocksteady Games is behind it and will likely fill that void that Gotham Knights couldn’t. February’s 15-minute State of Play event sets its sights on airing this Thursday at 1 PM Pacific.

If this part of the rumor is true, it’s possible we could only wait until May before the event rears its head.

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