Ballistic Moon

Last week, it was reported Ballistic Moon was acquired by Sony thanks to a since-edited job listing. Now, it’s been basically confirmed.

Neither Sony nor the recently established studio have come forward to confirm the acquisition. Still, the financial service firm, Pitchbook, has a page that outs the acquisition and stokes the rumor fire even further.

Ballistic Moon is made up of ex-staffers from The Quarry developer, Supermassive Games, and as such, have a keen knowledge of making narrative-driven titles, something that PlayStation Studios can’t get enough of. They also already have a relationship with its new alleged parent company. They are working on Project Bates, a still-mysterious game that is in partnership with Sony.

It isn’t too shocking that Sony would swoop in and acquire the developer, after all, if Haven Studios was any indicator, they look more at the talent than the games already produced.

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