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MediEvil 2 Remake Could Be Revealed Next Month 

Sony might be raring to return to the MediEvil branding with a MediEvil 2 remake, which could be revealed during an event next month. This has been supposedly in the works since 2021.

Orangee, an alleged playtester and documented leaker got spotted rather blatantly claiming some sort of announcement slated for May. As reported by TwistedVoxel, this remake — which is supposedly in development at Other Ocean Interactive — is possibly meant to be Sony wanting to have a Hi-Fi Rush-esque release — not much fanfare, just reveal when it launches on the PlayStation Store.

What with the understandable rumor of either a Showcase or State of Play happening in May, you have a rather legacy game with its original remake, also developed by Other Ocean Interactive, not just finding success from old fans who wanted to return to the IP after over a decade, but also ensnaring new players with its charm.

As it stands, this is just a rumor, but we can totally see this being a reality as Sony could be looking to pad out its releases with some smaller exclusives, especially as the PS5 Pro is all but confirmed.

What do you think? Are you excited to see what Victorian adventures await? Let us know below!

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