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Sony Issues Copyright Claim On PS5 Pro Leak

Sony Interactive Entertainment has struck down a video leaking the specs of the long-rumored PS5 Pro. Considering most of the time, when copyright claims are thrown around, this is an admission of something in the works, we can now safely assume Sony is working on a mid-gen refresh of the current-gen PlayStation.

Moore’s Law Is Dead broke the news on YouTube before other outlets followed suit, confirming the validity, but now, Sony has stepped in lobbing copyright claims at channels — as spotted by Tom Warren on Twitter — that discuss the leaked specs, which stem from Sony’s Developer Network.

As PlayStation has asserted the console is in its last leg of life, we could see it go either way, one where Sony decides to stop the mid-gen refresh or go full-steam ahead and continue like this new console isn’t all-but-confirmed.

What do you think? Would you buy a PS5 Pro? Let us know below!

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