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Lego Horizon Adventures Trailer Drops At Summer Game Fest

After franchises including Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Marvel, and DC established their Lego video games, yet another joins the brick-building universe.

Guerilla Games and Lego have teamed up to premiere Lego Horizon Adventures, based on the 2017 PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn. The trailer premiered at this year’s Summer Game Fest and will be available not only on PlayStation 5 and PC, but also on Nintendo Switch. Perhaps the PC port is the closest the game has to an Xbox release as the latter has no mention of a port. In fact, Lego Horizon was the first announcement to kickstart yesterday’s event.

The trailer began with a Lego guy dressed up as a hotdog stepped in for an action game audition when he was interrupted after a giant Lego Thunderjaw broke through the walls of the stage. Lego minifigure Aloy saved the day and the narrator helps introduce her and the game world. Lego Horizon Adventures will be a two player co-op game that looks to play just like many Lego games before it, with exploration, collecting, and the usual Lego creation building. Other characters and creatures from Horizon: Zero Dawn will be featured in the game, including a Lego Tallneck spotted in the trailer. Can you also spot the Lego Tallneck in the background of the thumbnail?

Though Horizon and Lego are an unexpected pairing, this isn’t the first time Guerilla brought their franchise into Lego form. Back in 2022, Horizon fans were treated to a Lego Tallneck set available for purchase (via Kotaku Australia). Granted the $90 USD set was released specifically for the sequel Horizon: Forbidden West and has since been discontinued.

Lego Horizon Adventures is slated for a Holiday 2024 release, with the PC port available on Steam and Epic Games Store.

What do you think of the game’s SGF announcement trailer? Does Lego Horizon Adventures look like an appealing holiday purchase? Let us know below!

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