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Killzone VR

Killzone VR Was In The Works, Could Be PSVR2 Now

Despite a successful run as the primer franchise for Sony during the PS3 era, Killzone seemed to find its untimely and sudden end during the eighth gen, something we already kinda touched on before Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn came out. At this point, Guerrilla and Sony alike seem disinterested in the IP, going as far as retiring the official site, and not releasing a game since the PS Vita’s Mercenary in 2013, it might be due for a return for the next gen of PSVR provided this new Killzone VR rumor is true.

As we all know, the PSVR2 is going to be the second main focus of this next State of Play coming this Thursday, revealing “several” games that are in development for it. As it turns out, it sounds like a Killzone PSVR game was in the works over at Supermassive Games for “years” before Sony took it out of their hands and moved it in-house back in 2019 after not liking how the project was faring.

While nothing is concrete and it’s all more or less speculation, by 2019, Sony obviously had the PSVR2 in the woodworks already and probably saw no point in reviving such a storied franchise on the “past” gen console’s VR system and instead reworked it for the new on.

If this is all true, here’s hoping Killzone VR is one of the launch titles or at least one of the games revealed during the upcoming showcase.

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