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Spider-Man 2

In Spider-Man 2, You May See The Other Spidey Stopping Crime

You may see your other half doing things in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as you explore New York. With only a month separating us from the single-player crime-fighting duo game, details are being spoonfed to us at a quicker pace.

As detailed by James Ham, the associate animation director for Insomniac Games, during an interview (seen on Twitter), you do run the chance of bumping into the other Spider-Man doing something like stopping crime. It also sounds like you’d be able to jump if you so choose.

“There are time when you can be swinging throughout the city and you can see the other spider-man Sometimes actively doing something Or stopping a crime.”

What do you think? Does this extra detail get you more excited for the October 20 release date? Let us know below!

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