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Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Announced

A brand-new Harry Potter game is in the works, Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions. This one appears more niche and likely not nearly as large-scale as Hogwarts Legacy was.

Developed by Unbroken Studios, which is currently also co-developing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and published by Portkey Games, much like Hogwarts Legacy, not a lot is known about this game. It’s not even confirmed that it will come to PlayStation consoles, but we know it is coming to consoles, and we can’t really expect the developer to decide not to release it on the PS5 at the very least.

This will possibly remedy the lack of Quidditch content in Hogwarts Legacy. Currently, you’re only able to sign up for a chance to participate in playtests. It seems Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions will — obviously — be mostly hinging on multiplayer, but it’s possible it will have some form of single-player, if at least for training and practice.

We also can’t omit the fact this isn’t the first time the Wizarding World’s most well-known sport has made it into video games. In 2003, Electronic Arts made an entire game that was released to the PS2 surrounding the sport — Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup — where you got to not just play as any one of the four Houses in Hogwarts but also a handful of countries participating in the same sport for their chance at the World Cup.

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