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Burning Shores

Guerrilla Releases Burning Shores Behind-The-Scenes Video

We’re coming close to the release of Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC, Burning Shores. To sweeten the pot ahead of release, Guerrilla Games has dropped a bit of behind-the-scenes footage of the motion capture room.

The video primarily focuses on the mocap Kylie Liya Page, who plays the newly introduced companion character, Seyka. The video shows the chemistry between Page and Ashly Burch, who reprises her role as Aloy. Truly, it’s just a hype piece to show how well the cast worked together on-set during the mocap process.

The DLC launches tomorrow on PC and exclusively on the PS5, much to the chagrin of PS4 players, who feel sour that it even came to the console in the first place. Soon, we’ll be able to visit and explore Fleet’s End.

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