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Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer Garners Over 100 Million Views

In spite of the leak that forced Rockstar Games’ hand to release the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer early, leading to some pretty disappointed staff, the trailer has garnered quite a viewership. Can’t lie… we’ve probably watched it way too many times to be considered “healthy” in the few days it’s been public.

On YouTube, the trailer is #1 on Trending, which is not too shocking, especially as the trailer boasts nearly 100 million views over the last two days, as of the time of writing. No doubt by publication, it’s probably breached 120 million. Considering how long fans have waited for an official trailer, finally seeing it is kind of shocking to some and very, very gratifying to others.

Of the nearly 100 million views, the GTA 6 trailer garnered 8.9 million likes and over 700K comments.

What do you think? How many times have you watched the trailer? Let us know below!

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