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“Well, That F**king Sucks,” Rockstar Employee On Trailer Leak

Rockstar Games was put in a tough spot after deciding to release the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer ahead of schedule due to a rampant leak, now some employees are responding. Naturally, they aren’t too happy for what should’ve been this joyous scheduled moment ruined.

Members of the VFX team took to Twitter to bemoan the leak, Lead VFX Artist Lloyd Knott, simply posted — what seemed out of context — “Well, that f**king sucks.” Meanwhile, Senior VFX Artist Chloe Shearer took a more humorous approach with her “ah shit, here we go again” post.

Senior Gameplay Animator Javier Altman was just as unhappy, as he wanted to watch the trailer for the first time with his co-workers, Technical Mission Designer Joe Martin felt it was gutting to take that moment away from staff, Rockstar’s Jay Marsden-Bullen felt it was sad that the trailer was released early because of a leak, and others had similar woes.

Quite frankly, though, Knott’s post is probably what most employees felt after all that hard work was pushed out to the world not on schedule, but rather so that Rockstar could still showcase the trailer.

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