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Horizon Forbidden West

Former Xbox Exec Calls PlayStation Exclusives “Bangers”

Even a former executive on Team Green notes the powerful exclusives PlayStation puts out and its strong strategy of not over-promising.

Former Microsoft vet and Activision Blizzard exec, Mike Ybarra, took to Twitter to share some screenshots of Horizon Forbidden West’s PC port, calling it the “best graphics” he’s ever seen. Obviously, it didn’t take long for one onlooker to take a jab saying he should get a job there, to which he just mentions that he’s working through his backlog and to not be “mad PlayStation makes bangers.”

PlayStation usually avoids over-promising and highlighting features that may not appear in final builds of games. While ultimately, The Last of Us Online was hyped up beyond belief — before cancelation — with it being touted as the most-ambitious game to date for Naughty Dog, we have no doubt that it would’ve at least kept itself grounded to what the hardware could do and provide players with a fun experience.

What do you think? How many PlayStation “bangers” have you played lately? Let us know below!

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