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Firewalk’s Debut Game Concord Reveals Price

Sony’s latest attempt at making waves in the live service market, Concord, is confirmed to be priced similarly to Helldivers 2, that being below even a standard full release during the PS4 days. If you so feel the urge, pre-orders are open.

The official store page went live showcasing the game’s $39.99 price tag with a Deluxe Edition priced at $59.99 with the benefits of early access, 16 character skins, and the Monarch Pack, which comes with two weapon skins.

Acting as the debuting game for Firewalk Studios, it was initially teased last year before finally having a full reveal during May’s State of Play. In the end, it looks like most people aren’t too impressed with what’s on offer and we can’t blame them, considering the over saturation of the hero shooter genre.

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