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Call of Duty

Call Of Duty 2024 Will Be Black Ops During Gulf War

The next Call of Duty, which is in development at Treyarch, is going to feature the Black Ops branding. Considering Black Ops games are often more well-liked by fans, this was probably the best move on Activision’s part following the blunders with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Windows Central (thanks, Xbox Nerds) reports that the next COD will use the early 90s Gulf War as its backdrop and focus on the CIA and its role in the conflict. It will also pull the reigns back with more era-accurate firearms as opposed to the stuff we got during Modern Warfare and other more recent entries.

Considering this follows Modern Warfare 3 as the next Call of Duty, it will certainly have a bit of cleanup to do, but with Treyarch at the helm and its golden child Black Ops brand front and center, we’re sure it’ll probably at least end up with better fanfare than Sledgehammer Games’ short-campaigned COD entry.

Whhat do you think? Do you plan on giving this new entry a shot? Let us know below!

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