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Days Gone

Bend Studio’s Cooking Something Up

Oregon-based developer Bend Studio is “cooking” up something, its first new game since 2019’s Days Gone. We don’t know who’s heading the kitchen or when it’ll be revealed, though.

In a post on Twitter, Bend’s official account responded to a person asking how things are going with its new unannounced IP. The simple “we cooking” response was about as on-brand for the dev as we’d expect from it. We know it’s gonna be a AAA PS5 exclusive with multiplayer, with the main goal being to build upon the existing multiplayer systems in its previous title.

Previously, a former Bend employee corroborated rumors that Naughty Dog and the studio banded together on a project, but it isn’t clear if that’s still going on after The Last of Us dev slashed The Last of Us Online.

What do you think? Are you excited to see what it has cooking? Let us know below!

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